Friday, May 9, 2008

Keeping The Epoch Train Going

My agent and I have been after my contacts at Flux, trying to get them to accept The Right Hand of Evil. They are still not giving us a definitive yes or no on that, but they have expressed concern regarding Epoch.

It seems that, in spite of the terrific sales reported here two posts ago, Epoch still isn't being put on permanent reorder from most major bookstores. Some aren't reordering it at all. I know, I'm having trouble swallowing that one, too!

And then there's libraries - far too few of them have Epoch on their shelves. Violet and I got very excited when we found a library in New Zealand that had three copies in stock (two of which were checked out!), but that just isn't enough.

Therefore, more promotion is required. We need more people ordering (and buying) copies! My agent discussed matters with the Flux people, and they think I need to market myself more online. That means getting more people to visit my blog, writing more blog posts promoting Epoch, and getting going with Facebook and Myspace as well.

So now I'm entering a new phase of book promotion. Wish me luck! And, if you are reading this, tell someone how cool Epoch is, would you? Thanks!

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