Saturday, May 31, 2008

Right Hand Accepted!

Big news! BIG NEWS!!!!

This week, my agent told me that Flux have accepted my novel The Right Hand of Evil, to be published sometime in the next 18 months (late 2009 or early 2010). We were both stunned - it seemed as if they wanted to hold off on offering a contract for a bit, but then they suddenly changed their minds!

I have a fifth novel coming out! Fantastic! Needless to say, I'm excited and happy.

The only downside is that they don't want to use my title. They'd rather another Epoch-like one-word title. I'm a bit disappointed, because I really liked my title and thought it was perfect for the book. Still, that's the nature of the business. I'm sure they'll come up with something good. I'll continue to refer to the book as Right Hand until the new title is revealed.

Title aside, however, this is still a huge leap forward for my writing career. Yay! Double Yay!! Triple Yay!!!

Wednesday, May 28, 2008

AnimeNorth 2008 (and Indy Jones)

My weekend at AnimeNorth was a complete success! I sold 12 copies of Epoch, 10 copies of Section K, and my last 4 copies of Attack of the Intergalactic Soul Hunters. I could not be happier with those results.

And to think I didn't believe I'd sell well at an event entirely dedicated to Japanese animation! I was one of very few authors there, so I had very little competition for the novel buyers. I almost didn't get a table, though - there was a bit of a mix-up at the last minute, and they weren't sure where to put me. I had to carry my box of books around with me while I tried to sort it all out - very tiring!

I did four panels, all of them related to writing. They were all well-attended, and my fellow panelists were good speakers. I felt like I really contributed something useful, and that felt great.

The convention itself was quite interesting and fun. At least half the attendees were in costume, and most of those costumes were very elaborate and detailed.

It was a lot of fun, but I was exhausted by the end of it and glad to get back home. I was also glad to be carrying considerably fewer books back with me!

On Monday afternoon I took myself to see Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull. Loved it! Very cool movie.

Thursday, May 22, 2008

INDIANA JONES!!! and AnimeNorth

I am so happy and excited that a new Indiana Jones movie has finally been made! He's one of my heroes - as a kid I made whips by tying rubber bands together, just so I could be like him. Plus, I love the hat. I feel very Indiana Jonesey in my own Tilley Fedora.

Sad thing is, I probably won't have a chance to see it this weekend, because I will be attending AnimeNorth. This is a convention that deals specifically with Anime - Japanese animation - and I've got myself onto four panels. What do I know about Japanese animation? Not a whole lot, actually. I hadn't thought AnimeNorth would be a good place for me to promote myself, because my work doesn't really relate itself to Japanese animated stuff. However, the organizers of the convention talked to me at this year's Ad Astra, and they convinced me my work would appeal to their crowd. They also offered me a free table if I became a panelist, so how could I refuse? The panels I'm on deal with writing, so I won't be getting out of my depth.

As soon as it's over, however, it's off to the nearest multiplex for me! Da dada da, da da da...

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Worlds Of Tim

I've been chatting a lot with my agent recently, and he told me some unpleasant truths. Flux is still interested in publishing my novel The Right Hand of Evil, but they are concerned I do not have enough marketing efforts in place to successfully promote my work. If we can show Flux that we can get the word out about my current and new projects, then they will be willing to go ahead.

Step one is the targeting of librarians and library blogs, as I've already posted about. Step two is the creation of a new blog. My agent felt that my current blog wasn't user friendly enough for people who have read - or are thinking about reading - my books. The black background is off-putting, and my posts center around my life as a writer rather than the works themselves. Rather than change the current blog to meet his suggested specifications, I decided to create a new one. I call it Worlds Of Tim, and it will focus on my work rather than me.

I've already written an introductory post, and I imagine I'll play around with the look a bit (I need to add a photo, for one thing). Do any of you have any suggestions for things you'd like me to put there? Please leave a comment, as I would love your support.

Once again, the blog is called Worlds Of Tim. I hope you will all check it out on a regular basis.

Saturday, May 10, 2008

You Have To Pay Writers, People!

My unemployment has stretched to a month(again). I am registered with a half-dozen agencies, all of whom are saying this is a "slow period". I'm also checking out Craigslist for jobs, and in my search under jobs for writers I keep finding posts like this:

Seeking someone to write a 20-40 page business plan to pitch new startup for financing contest. Would like to speak with you over the phone to describe the company and how it works. Call/email with any questions that might come up. Draft Deadline of Monday, May 5th, 2008. Please send in another business plan you've created or part of for reference. Thanks a bunch!

Compensation: no pay

They want an entire business plan written up, but they aren't willing to pay for it! Can they be for real? I'm afraid so.

I have a great idea for a slapstick sit-com, and am seeking someone who is comfortable defying politically correct norms. Targets will include every sect, race, creed and religion. More on that after you send me a bio of you, and why I should work with you. Equipped with the perfect looking pitch, and first few episodes, I can get the door open to the exec-producer's office. Hey, I'm an emerging artist looking for any sort of written material to use in my press kits as promotion. Anything from a write-up introducing readers to my unique style, or a review of some of my songs, or a heads up for my CD release. Of course you will be credited. Let me know.

Compensation: no pay

This guy wants all kinds of written material, but all he's offering is a credit. He even wants writers to tell him why he should work with them! And he's offering no money! Now check out this one:

Are you a student/ aspiring writer that wants a great feature film idea to write as a full screen play ? I have a great short story that you can write into a feature length screen play! Reply to this ad. NO PAY but definitely can and will work very hard to sell it in hollywood.... email ( reply ) and we can discuss details!

He won't pay you, but he'll work very hard to sell it, he really will! What is wrong with these people? Unfortunately, there are a lot of unscrupulous people out there willing to prey on aspiring writers. They figure these writers will do anything for free, just to acquire a credit and 'get their name out there'. The thing is, if they aren't offering any compensation, they probably aren't the types you want to admit you worked for.


Compensation: no pay

No clown allowed?!? You're offering no payment for a script you have to have before June, but you don't want any clowns contacting you? How arrogant can you get? You're the clown, buddy!

A quick note to anyone out there in need of writing services... YOU HAVE TO PAY FOR IT!!!

Friday, May 9, 2008

Keeping The Epoch Train Going

My agent and I have been after my contacts at Flux, trying to get them to accept The Right Hand of Evil. They are still not giving us a definitive yes or no on that, but they have expressed concern regarding Epoch.

It seems that, in spite of the terrific sales reported here two posts ago, Epoch still isn't being put on permanent reorder from most major bookstores. Some aren't reordering it at all. I know, I'm having trouble swallowing that one, too!

And then there's libraries - far too few of them have Epoch on their shelves. Violet and I got very excited when we found a library in New Zealand that had three copies in stock (two of which were checked out!), but that just isn't enough.

Therefore, more promotion is required. We need more people ordering (and buying) copies! My agent discussed matters with the Flux people, and they think I need to market myself more online. That means getting more people to visit my blog, writing more blog posts promoting Epoch, and getting going with Facebook and Myspace as well.

So now I'm entering a new phase of book promotion. Wish me luck! And, if you are reading this, tell someone how cool Epoch is, would you? Thanks!

Sunday, May 4, 2008