Thursday, December 30, 2010

My 2010 Ups & Downs

So that was 2010. The year we made contact, according to Arthur C. Clarke. Things didn't exactly turn out the way he envisioned. Or me, for that matter.

Let's look at the positive, shall we? My wife and I survived another year of recession. I was more or less steadily employed for the whole year. I found a drug that is really helping. The French and German rights for Evil? sold, and I got a contract for my next novel, The Cupid War. Plus, I finished the first draft of A Walk-In To Remember, and wrote a number of short stories. And of course, this is the year Violet and I adopted Ron, our second cat. Good times.

On the not-so-positive side, otherwise known as the negative, I suffered a great deal from my mood disorder before I started getting the help I've been needing in the last couple of months. My job, though steady, has brought me to new heights of humiliation on an ongoing basis (the latest insult? One of my teenage supervisors dismissed a complaint of mine with a wave of his hand). And, Evil? has been bombing. Less than five hundred copies sold between January and June, while over a thousand were returned to the publisher for a refund. Career-wise, this is a disaster.

Every year has its ups and downs, and 2010 was no different. I can only hope that 2011 brings a little less struggle and a lot more fun.

Monday, December 13, 2010

Today Is The Day

My Birthday. A day of fun. It's not about aging for me, although that does certainly happen. For me, birthdays have always been a day of celebration. I've got plenty of time to feel old throughout the coming year. Today is about fun with friends and family.

I will see both groups today. I'm meeting my brother and sister for lunch, then I'll meet up with a large group of friends in a pub this evening. Good times will be had. I'm not working tonight, either, which is my present to myself.

I'm 38, with many more years to go. Three cheers for me!

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

My Month


My month.

My Birthday month.

And Christmas is pretty nice, too.

I start this month in pretty good shape. My job is still boring, but I've still got it. The Welbutrin has really helped; my emotional state has more or less stabilized. And, I got some more money from the sale of language rights (German & French) for Epoch and Evil?.

Writing wise, I've been productive. I've written two short stories recently - I'll discuss them in more detail in my other blog. I've reached chapter 18 of my current novel project, a re-imagining for my character Rytis Maxwell. I've also done the first two chapters on a secret project... I'll announce what that is on Worlds Of Tim soon.

Concluding sentences for blog posts always give me trouble. Any suggestions?