Wednesday, December 9, 2009

November, December

I'm getting bad at this. There used to be a time when I posted a couple of times a week. Now it's every other month, and I missed November entirely!

November was a decent month. I saw 2012 - nothing like an apocalypse movie to raise one's spirits! I also landed myself a job, and it looks like it could be permanent. The hours aren't the greatest, and I'm doing telephone surveys, but it's not too bad. Violet also found a job, but now I'm heading to work when she's coming home and we hardly get to see each other!

Tomorrow I have a book signing at Indigo Spirit in Royal Bank Plaza. It's just great that they ask me back every year! Without them, promoting my books would be that much harder.

This weekend I celebrate my 37th birthday. There will be chicken wings. I can't wait!

My writing has slowed down considerably in the last few weeks. Many reasons... I'll do a post about that later. Some of it is stress, including the fact that I still don't know if FLUX wants my next novel. They've been stringing me a long since January! No doubt the recession has hit them as hard as everyone else, but the wait for news is still frustrating as hell.

Hard to believe 2009 is nearly over. I hope 2010 comes with a little less struggle.