Thursday, May 22, 2008

INDIANA JONES!!! and AnimeNorth

I am so happy and excited that a new Indiana Jones movie has finally been made! He's one of my heroes - as a kid I made whips by tying rubber bands together, just so I could be like him. Plus, I love the hat. I feel very Indiana Jonesey in my own Tilley Fedora.

Sad thing is, I probably won't have a chance to see it this weekend, because I will be attending AnimeNorth. This is a convention that deals specifically with Anime - Japanese animation - and I've got myself onto four panels. What do I know about Japanese animation? Not a whole lot, actually. I hadn't thought AnimeNorth would be a good place for me to promote myself, because my work doesn't really relate itself to Japanese animated stuff. However, the organizers of the convention talked to me at this year's Ad Astra, and they convinced me my work would appeal to their crowd. They also offered me a free table if I became a panelist, so how could I refuse? The panels I'm on deal with writing, so I won't be getting out of my depth.

As soon as it's over, however, it's off to the nearest multiplex for me! Da dada da, da da da...


Wendy said...

Have fun at the con, and best of luck with the self-promotion!

And, of course, enjoy Indy!

(I haven't seen Iron Man yet, or Prince Caspian, or Indy ... my list is getting long!)

Elizabeth McQuern said...

Yay! I saw the movie this weekend. It was pretty fun. Not epic, but fun.