Sunday, September 30, 2007

Aww, It's A Book

Word on the Street was a big success for all involved at the Burningeffigy table. In spite of my reservations, I sold six copies of Epoch, one copy of Attack of the Intergalactic Soul Hunters, three copies of Section K, and a few copies of my chapbook, Product of a Deranged Bottom. Monica, who paid for the table, told me she broke even for the first time at Word on the Street, and my friend Jeff sold many copies of his new chapbook, Guilt Pasta. I was very happy with how the day went.

Two amusing things happened. A kid asked me why Epoch is about the end of the world, and I replied, "Because it's funny!" She backed away quickly. Another kid picked Epoch up and flipped through it, then sadly said, "Aww, it's a book!" Not sure what he was expecting, but a novel wasn't it. I had to laugh at that.

Two weeks from now, Violet and I will be attending Con*Cept in Montreal. I strongly suspect Epoch will do very well there. I can't wait!

I must go now. Karma is trying to eat my shoes.


PippaW said...

"Karma is trying to eat my shoes" is a fatastic tag line, you should put it on the cover of one of you books. ;-)

Wendy said...

Perhaps he thought it might be a graphic novel?

Bella Rossa said...

I agree with pippaw. Karma is usually trying to get me to eat more pie.

Timothy Carter said...

Well, pie is good. I had pumpkin pie at my brother's last night, and it was yummy. Never say no to pie, Elizabeth.

Wendy, you're probably right. But come on, the event was called Word on the Street, after all.

Justine, you think everything I say should be a book title! That doesn't mean you're wrong, though.

Alkelda the Gleeful said...

The apocalypse can be side-splittingly funny.

PippaW said...

Tim you are a volcano of ideas to me, every time I step by your blog is so full of suggestions. :-D