Thursday, March 19, 2009

Wart Zapped!

I've had a tiny yet annoying wart on my right index finger for some time now, and it proved resistant to Compound-W. I used that stuff for a couple of months and developed quite the crater on my knuckle, but the wart still managed to survive. So, on Monday, I brought out the big guns. Or, rather, I brought myself to those big guns - a dermatologist and a can of liquid nitrogen.

Now, I've seen movies where people use liquid nitrogen to freeze other people's body parts and then smash them off. The actual experience of being sprayed with the stuff(yes, it's just like a spray can) was a little less dramatic. The doctor warned me it would hurt, and I chided him for not using the universal doctor code-phrase for "I'm going to hurt you" which is, of course, "you may feel a slight pinch." It stung, but wasn't all that bad. Nothing broke off, and I walked away fine.

Interesting note: wart removal isn't covered by OHIP. The price tag for a liquid nitrogen spray in Ontario is $20. Luckily, the doctor gave me my first one free.

Now for the gross stuff! The zapped wart started bleeding almost immediately, but that soon stopped. Then, an hour or so later, it started oozing a clear fluid. And it's still doing it! Isn't that fascinating? Bet you're happy I threw that detail in.

So there you are. That's my wart removal experience. I'll keep you all updated if anything else interesting happens.


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Blogger ate my comment. You'll just have to know that I made it, and that I understand the delicious fascination with your wart removal. Let me know the next time you have to remove a boil or a veruca. ;)