Friday, March 6, 2009

Blog Crossover!

Last weekend while Violet and I were visiting my parents in Ottawa, I had the pleasure of meeting up with fellow blogger Wendy at the Rideau Centre's Chapters. She treated me to a tea, and we had a lovely conversation about blogging, writing, the world in general, and old guys in transparent speedos (click here for an explanation of that one). Sadly, we only had an hour to chat before I had to get back to my parents (they want me all to themselves, you know), and I hope that sometime Wendy and I can have more time together to discuss the see-through speedo guy.

It was fun, meeting a blog friend in the flesh. I hope it happens more often, because I'd love to be treated to tea by the rest of you!

Wendy posted her version of this epic blog crossover last Sunday, and here I am finally getting to it now. It's been a busy week - I had a four-day telemarketing job, and Violet's hard at work on her thesis project for school, so my time at the computer has been minimal.


Wendy said...

It was fun!!

And you never know, maybe FWSG will become character fodder for you sometime down the road! ;-)

Timothy Carter said...

I have no doubt!

Saints and Spinners said...

I hope that when we next have to go to Peterborough (ugh!) we'll be able to sneak away early to spend some time in Toronto. We'll treat you and Violet to tea then!

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