Friday, February 27, 2009

Ottawa Weekend!

Violet and I are taking the train to Ottawa today to enjoy a weekend with my parents. We haven't seen them since Christmas, and Violet and I haven't had a trip since October (or possibly November, I can't quite remember) when we visited my cousins in Port Sydney. It will be good to get away from our worrying financial situation and have some fun in the Nation's Capital.

Also, I'm planning to meet up with my fellow blogger, Wendy. Very much looking forward to that.

Still no word from Home Depot for Violet, but I have a two-day phone job lined up for Monday and Tuesday.


Wendy said...

Yes, I'm looking forward to it as well!

Fingers still crossed for Violet + Home Depot!

graywave said...

Ooo Ottawa! I spent a few days there once. It was April and the river was still frozen solid! I was itching to get out into the mountains and lakes but it was a business trip and I never managed it.

Still, I liked the place a lot and had it on my list for many years as somewhere nice to settle down one day. Sadly, Wifie hates the cold, and happily, we found South-East Queensland.

My home town is Hull (in Yorkshire, England) by the way.

Sorry to hear about all your job troubles lately. At least your folks will feed you for a while ;-)