Saturday, February 14, 2009

Che-Che-Che, Ha-Ha-Ha

What's with that title? It's the Jason theme from the Friday the 13th movies. I saw the remake yesterday, and it was a good bit of gory fun. Not quite as entertaining as Freddy vs Jason, or the graphic novel Freddy vs Jason vs Ash(from Evil Dead & Army of Darkness), but still a good time in the cinema. Plus, I saw the teaser trailer for the new Transformers movie! Awesomeness was upon me. Transformers is my favourite fantasy (a fact I rarely, if ever, conceal), and the first movie was extremely cool, so naturally I'm pretty excited as all heck.

As a followup to my last post, I have an interview scheduled for next week. And the email for that interview came in when I was fully clothed, which ruins that one theory of mine.

I'm 24 chapters into my new novel, Kids Who Know, and I'm loving it. I'm also nearing the end, possibly. I say possibly, because sometimes in stories I simply don't know. I'll find out how it ends when it ends. This is different from most of my stories (like Epoch and Evil?), where I had an event I was leading the characters toward. This new story is really stretching me, and I feel very good about that.


Wendy said...

Best of luck with the interview!

Timothy Carter said...

Thanks, Wendy! It went okay. I'll post about it soon.