Saturday, March 22, 2008

Moving Day

Today, Violet and I move from our apartment of almost 3 years into her mother's condo. Almost everything is packed, the elevators are booked, the movers are... us (no way we'd trust another moving company after last time). Actually, we have a lot of friends pitching in, and my parents came up from Ottawa to assist us as well. It's a big operation that will begin in just under two hours from now.

That's today. Tomorrow will be all about painting. Our landlords told us we'd have to repaint the apartment back to the drab beige it was when we first moved in, so that will keep us busy for a full day.

I will miss this place. It's not the best neighbourhood, but it had a lot of things nearby that made it really convenient. Access to the subway and GO Transit, stores within walking distance, and a Tim Horton's, too! And I will miss the view. We can see the lake from this place, but the condo is on the second floor with a view of the building's driveway and parking lot. Still, the condo is much bigger, and it has a washer, dryer and dishwasher!

Karma has been having a great time jumping in and out of boxes while we're packing. We're sure he'll love the condo and its greater floorspace, too.


Wendy said...

Good luck with the move!

Cherlin said...

Good for people to know.