Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Beware Virus Guy!

Over at Biblical Proportions, I've had someone try to give me a virus three times. I haven't been able to find anywhere on Blogger to report the guy, so I'm posting this message to warn readers to stay away from him.

You can identify Virus Guy by the comments he leaves. He'll say Click Here or Here, or some variation on that theme, with each 'here' being a link. If you click on either link, or on his name (he's used several, the latest being Salar), you'll be taken to a website that warns you that you have a virus and must install virus protection software. The site gives you the option to download the software or decline, but no matter what you choose it will start to download to your computer.

I was almost fooled by this; I'd like to say it was my brilliance and Internet savvy that saved the day, but in truth it was my wife Violet. However, I was at least smart enough to go and ask Violet if she wanted this helpful software loaded onto her computer. She knew it for what it was right away.

I've been deleting Virus Guy's comments from Biblical Proportions, but he's bound to try again. Keep an eye out for those comments and don't go anywhere near them! And if any of you know how I can report him to Blogger, please let me know.


Alkelda the Gleeful said...

Virus Guy is the reason why I've switched to moderating comments, at least for now. I don't want anyone clicking on his comments out of curiosity! I right-clicked on the name, and that stuff began downloading. I canceled it all, and ran a virus scan. The computer's clean, but my heart-rate went up.

Elizabeth McQuern said...

What a jerk, that guy! I wonder if he went after you because he objected to your content there.

Timothy Carter said...

If he did, he sure isn't following Jesus' advice to 'turn the other cheek'.