Monday, May 14, 2007

A Spot of Housecleaning

Hello again! I'm back after a week of not knowing what I wanted to write here. I did a little touching up for my blog layout, including some work on the links. I have my bestest blog buddies up top, followed by links that will lead you directly to my books. Someone asked me recently if they could buy Section K on Amazon, and sadly the answer is currently no. However, if you follow the easy-to-use link to the right, you'll find the site where it (and many other fine publications by Burningeffigy Press) can be purchased and ordered online. Or you can use this handy-dandy link here.

It is now just under two months before Epoch will be available to the general public. This makes me very happy and excited, as Epoch is one of my strongest books. I am also in the process of editing my next book, The Right Hand of Evil. I read through it last week, and made a pile of post-it note edit suggestions to myself. This week I'll bash it into better shape, then give it another read-through.

My writing, however, has suffered a bit lately. I am not as excited about my current project as I was about both Epoch and Hand. I suspect my continued unemployment situation has something to do with it - it's bringing my spirits down on all fronts. I need to do something about it to put my mind at ease before my writing routine (and enthusiasm) returns to normal.

So, positive thoughts! I will think them, and please send some my way.


Justine said...

Dear Tim, I know what you mean! As you know I've been unemployed (or freelance if you prefer) the last two years and a half, and the perpetual feeling of beeing penniless made me feel many times depressed, unfocused and demotivated.

But don't give up, try to focus on good things and seek inspiration in little nice things that happen every day.

You are an artist and being penniless is a part of your charm! ;-)

Timothy Carter said...

Justine, thank you very much for the kind words. You are right, of course - good things happen around me all the time, and unemployment is just one of the few bad things. Sometimes I lose my focus, but people like you always bring it back!