Monday, May 28, 2007

A New Direction For Me

The Toronto Small Press Fair came and went, and so did the Burning Effigy Spring Launch. All in all, a very good weekend. I had fun selling my books and being among my friends.

The sales weren't spectacular, but then I wasn't really expecting they would be. The Small Press Fair was more of a literary affair, with not so many people interested in sci fi comedy. The Launch was more about performance - I got up and read about a chapter's worth from Section K, and that went over very well. Most people in attendance had already bought the book, so the sales I made after that were just gravy.

Now those two big events are over, and Section K is officially part of the published world. The next stop for the book will be Toronto Trek - or Polaris, as it is now called - this July, when I will be launching Epoch. That will be an awesome weekend. I can feel it.

Tomorrow I'm heading back to work, for real this time. I also finished editing The Right Hand of Evil, and am waiting for my wife Violet's review. She's a fast reader, so I will know what she thinks very soon. Then it will be off to my agent, and out into the world. I can't wait!

Life is looking brighter, and I'm feeling much better about the way things are going. I have made a commitment to be more positive, which means no more complaining. That will be a challenge for me - complaining has been a big part of my life, but it has also drawn much into my life to complain about. That hasn't been working for me, so it's time for new tactics.

To my readers, keep an eye on me, and remind me when I slip. I'm not perfect, after all. I will slip and be bummed about things from time to time. My goal here is to keep the bum times to a minimum while maximizing on the things that are great. I hope it makes for some good reading.


Christabel said...

Congratulations on your success!

Perhaps in-between classes/kids/and general mayhem, I'll have the chance to read your book :o)


Wendy said...

Glad to hear the weekend went well. Hope the work week is following suit ...

Diane Vespa said...

You need to google the book and movie "The secret".. it is about positive thinking and how your private thoughts influence what comes in to your life. I also have a blog entry about it in my March archive I believe. Although some people say it is hype I think most of its concepts are very valid. Congrats on the success of your book signing.. and the committment to bring positive change in to your life.

Timothy Carter said...

Diane, I'm way ahead of you! I've been reading that book for the last two weeks, and plan to get the movie before too long. Good stuff!