Thursday, May 17, 2007

Back To Work

Yesterday I got the call from my employment agency - I'm going back to work! Finally, after nearly three months, I will finally have an income once more! Ironically, I had just filled out an online form for EI. Taking action really does get the universe's wheels turning!

This new job will be a two to four week assignment with Manulife, a company I've worked for three times in the past. I will be working with a group that works right next to the second-last group I was with at Manulife, who let me go because the manager said I was a "daydreamer" who "couldn't meet the work targets." In your FACE, ex-manager! Sorry, couldn't resist. I am hopeful this will be a good working experience, and will lead to many more good ones over the coming years.

The new job also means that my free time is coming to a close. Not a problem - I'm used to doing my writing around work, and tend to be more productive that way, too. I do want to get a good chunk of editing done on The Right Hand of Evil before I go back (I start next Tuesday, following the Victoria Day weekend). I want to get people reading it by June, and get it off to my agent for July at the latest. Time for me to get cracking.

Later, all!


Erika said...

hey thanks for readin my blog!

Stolen is being released first.

I will take a read of your stuff - love to chat with a fellow author!!

Bill Cokas said...

Looks like somebody's going to have a lot less time for blogging--but for a good reason! Congrat$!

Justine said...

Congratulations Tim!!! I didn't understand what type of job you will actually do in the next months, but I'm happy to know that you'll do it ;-)

I'm with you saying "in your face" to the silly manager! AH-AH! This feels good!

If it happens to be a desk job that gives you access to the Internet and leaves you some free time... let's get in touch via my alias is "pippawilson". Good luck with the job! Take care!