Saturday, April 26, 2008


That's the total number of Epoch copies that have sold between July and December of 2007 according to my royalty statement. Yaaay! That's a much bigger number than I'd expected, so I am very happy. If I can keep the momentum going, they may just have to order a reprint!

Attack of the Intergalactic Soul Hunters continues to drop off, however. In that same time period, only 17 copies sold. And seven were returned. That's not very good at all, but I'm at least glad copies are still selling.

My writing has picked up; I no longer feel blocked. I'm concentrating on two projects: Kids Who Know, and Apoca-Lynn. I'm not going to make any prediction about when I might complete either project. Right now, I'm just glad I feel like doing them.


Bill Cokas said...

That's 4386 more copies than I've sold of anything! Them's numbers to be proud of! I'm officially inspired.

cynthiagould said...

WOW. congrats!
that is so far beyond awesome that i have nowhere to file it mentally.

Timothy Carter said...

Thank you both!