Thursday, January 3, 2008

Data Entry

My new job at TD has started, and so far so good. Basically, I'm typing information from one computer screen into a database on another computer screen. It's fairly simple and repetitive, once you get the hang of it - and I'm still getting the hang of it. Unlike my last job, however, they're not expecting me to pick it all up in the first five minutes. The people there seem nice, and I get an hour for lunch plus breaks. Not bad at all.

My writing is going well. I finished chapter 19 of The 25 Demons You Meet In Hell today, and had some good ideas for chapter 20. I think there will be 25 chapters, but that's just a guess. Either way, I feel like the book is four-fifths finished. I think completing the first draft by the end of January is a very reasonable projection.

Karma is napping on the printer next to me. You wouldn't think that the plastic surface of a printer would be comfortable, but apparently it is.


Wendy said...

Cats have a unique ability to completely relax in very odd situations and positions!

PippaW said...

Uh, Data Entry, we all have been there, the good part is that at least it (should be) easy :-)

Cats are amazing, they manage to sleep everywhere if it's close enough to you! So sweet!!

Francy said...

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