Friday, March 2, 2007

More Ad Astra News

I have more news on this weekend's events, specifically my part in them. I will be on three panels, and the book launch for Section K is on Sunday at 1:00 PM. Time to get ready. Time to put my game-face on. Time to figure out what the heck I'm going to say!

Here's the breakdown on my three panels. The first is The Afterlife As A Fantasy Setting, Saturday at 11:00 AM. This one won't be a big problem for me, as I've used the afterlife in a number of stories and even one novel-in-development. As an added bonus, the panel will be moderated by James Allan Gardner, author of Expendable and Commitment Hour. I did a panel with him last year, so I know what I'm in for. Good guy, he is. And a good writer, too.

The second panel is Geopolitics as Entertainment, same day at 5:00 PM. It'll be a "discussion of how politics and science influence the stories of their time", to quote from the program guide. That one will be a bit more tricky. What do I know about geopolitics? About as much as I know about science. I can, however, discuss how current politics have influenced my latest projects, which I suppose is the point. Okay, I might be all right there. I just worry I might appear a tad on the ignorant side.

The third panel is Real Issues, Imaginary Worlds, Sunday at 11:00 AM. "In today’s society issue based stories can seem forced or preachy, but SF and fantasy is often used as a medium to discuss real world issues." This one also has me concerned. I've only ever done one 'issue' story, Before Ten, where I attempted to put a societal issue into a science fiction setting. Other than that, I really have nothing to add to this discussion. I'll have to do a good deal of thinking before I throw myself into this one.

It will be quite a busy three hours. Immediately after the panel I'll be doing a reading from Section K, and straight after that it's booklaunch time! I'll update this blog once all the festivities have passed.

- Timothy Carter

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