Friday, August 20, 2010

Work Woes

I scored twenty surveys a few days ago, a new personal best for me at work. Two days ago, I scored nineteen. Did anyone at work congratulate me? No. In fact, I got another warning the other day for not saying a couple of words during a survey (you're supposed to read every word VERBATIM), and yesterday I had a 'coaching session' because I'd been off the phone for too long. You have to be dialing consistently, they told me. Of course, the reason I wasn't dialing was because I'd run out of numbers to call, and I couldn't find a supervisor to report that fact to.

And speaking of supervisors, I have had to ask them repeatedly to keep their voices down when I'm on the phone talking to a respondent. The other day I was seated next to the supervisor's desk, and had to ask her to keep her voice down TWICE. The glare I got back could have frozen salt water. They like dishing it out, not taking it.

One of these days I'll be able to look back on this and laugh. And maybe use it for a story. Until then, my suffering for a dollar continues.

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Saints and Spinners said...

Yes, I hope you can use it for a story-- one of those stories in which you laugh so hard because you'd cry otherwise.

Here's to a better autumn than summer.