Tuesday, July 27, 2010


I have not been keeping my word. It's almost August now, and I haven't even touched on July.

It's been a good month. Better than most. I had a second job thanks to one of my temp agencies, and it lasted six weeks. I was therefore able to cut back on the hours at my phone survey job, which has been good for my mental health. Plus, one of the worst supervisors at that job has quit! Apparently he was upset that none of the other supervisors were trying to be as big of a jerk as he was. It will be easier to work there now that he's gone, but I still need to find something better as soon as I can.

Violet is working now! And as a bonus, it's at a place really close to where we live. It's a paint store, and there's a lot of physical labour involved, but she seems to be liking it. Not as stressful or as boring as her last job.

I attended Polaris, the big sci/fi convention I've been attending for the last few years. That was a blast; you can read all about my experience there on Worlds of Tim.

My writing has remained slow but steady. I've got nine chapters written on a new middle-grade novel, and I'm also well into a new short story in the Section K universe. I'm also contemplating sequels again; I have an idea for an Evil? follow-up, and The Cupid War is just crying out to be a series. And then there's my ideas for Epoch 2. I can see the story in my head; I just don't know if it's what I want to write next.

July's been good. Here's hoping for a great August!

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