Monday, May 24, 2010

More On May

May has been a good month for me. Work has been steady, with longer hours but unfortunately longer surveys. Tricky to keep people on the phone for half an hour, but I've been succeeding enough to keep my bosses happy.

My next novel, formerly titled Cupidity, is officially a go. Now titled The Cupid War, it is due next spring from Flux. I'm looking forward to working with their editors over the summer to polish it up.

I've finished the first draft of my latest novel, A Walk-In To Remember. While I am certainly happy with that accomplishment, the book will require a TON of rewriting and editing before it is ready to be shown to the world. Still, the basic story is down, and I know what needs to be done to improve it. If all goes according to plan, it will be a terrific followup to The Five Demons You Meet In Hell.

My writing attention now turns to my 'remake' of Rytis Maxwell. I've written five chapters, and so far it is going very well. I expect it will keep me entertained throughout the summer.

I'm also contemplating a return to Section K. My editor at Burningeffigy, Monica, would like another short story from me, to be turned into another chapbook/promotional tool for the main book. I'm working on an idea featuring the character Johnny Tall and vampires. Because everyone's doing vampires these days.

That's my news for this post. I'm going to try to blog a little more often, and I could use your help, readers! Keep bugging me for new posts! And tell all your friends to bug me, too.

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