Thursday, July 16, 2009

15 Things I Am Grateful For

1. I'm still alive.

2. I'm in reasonably good health.

3. I'm not currently in a soul-sucking corporate job doing the work of three people.

4. I haven't been probed by aliens (as far as I know).

5. If aliens have probed me, I'm unaware of it.

6. I am a published author.

7. I have a gift for writing.

8. I have a new novel coming out.

9. I am not currently burning in Hell.

10. The End of the World (Dec. 21, 2012) is still 3.5 years away.

11. My birthday is on Dec. 13, so when the end of the world does come, I'll still get birthday presents (but no Christmas presents. Shame).

12. I have not been Saved, Converted or Raptured.

13. My cat, Karma, is pretty awesome.

14. I have a lovely wife, who gets me.

15. I am no longer attending high school.


Wendy said...

Hey -- as I'm December 16, I'll still get presents, too!

Timothy Carter said...


Clare said...

Brian (my husband) and I (strange English girl you met at a bookstore in Toronto who bought your book and had to come back for an extra special signature)were talking about what you should get for your birthday when you will only be able to enjoy your gift for a mere 8 days. We concluded that you should get something that you can get the maximum amount of enjoyment out of in 8 days, that you won't feel sad about leaving behind when your head inevitably gets speared by a demon, or explodes. Below are our suggestions:

1) gift cards to restaurants (this was Brian being very practical...and hungry)

2) those snaps that you throw on the ground that explode- this is for 2 reasons i) you can prepare for loud explosions that are sure to be frequent as the world ends ii) you won't be sad when they run out because you'll be almost dead.

3) a monkey, because after 8 days you'll suddenly be realizing that this is the worst possible gift you could have requested, and will then have a huge sense of relief when you realize that you only have a few hours/minutes left to have to deal with said monkey

4)a lion, (see reason above)

5) a robot suit - this will be a great way to screw with people who watched all the teminator movies

Hope this helps!