Friday, June 5, 2009

4 Silly Years!

As of yesterday (June 4th), Violet and I have been married for four years. Yay! I feel very lucky to have found someone with whom I'm so perfectly matched.

We got gifts for each other, which we opened a day early because neither of us could wait. Then, yesterday, we took a 45 minute walk from our place into Vaughn, that region just north of us where the TTC fears to go, and caught a matinee screening of UP. Once again, those Pixar people have done an amazing job.

After the movie, we walked to a restaurant that serves about 40 different flavours of chicken wings. We'd been there once before (and I'll post the name of the place as soon as I remember it) with Violet's sister Georgina, so we'd had a chance to sample 8 of the flavours. This time we sampled 5, and got nice and stuffed!

All in all, a good day. Looking forward to year five!


♥Miya said...

Congrats you two! :3

Wendy said...


Saints and Spinners said...

Congratulations! I am so glad you and Violet are together.

I just finished rereading Urn Burial by Robert Westall. It's a favorite. When I was done, I thought, "I'd definitely recommend this to Timothy Carter." And so I am. You may not be as thrilled with it as I was, but it does resonate with me. As aliens- visiting-Earth books go, it's one of my favorites.