Monday, April 13, 2009

April, So Far

April has, so far, been the best month of 2009 for me. I'm employed once again, albeit only temporarily, doing phone surveys. By coincidence, Violet is also employed at the same place through a different employment agency. It's comforting to have her nearby.

The book signing at Indigo Spirit went well. I sold 15 copies of Epoch and Attack of the Intergalactic Soul Hunters, and discussed doing a launch for EVIL? at the same store. EVIL? itself is looking pretty good; I'm reading through the proofs now, making note of any typos and doing a last-minute edit.

Writing wise, I've been doing excellent. I'm nearly finished the first draft of Kids Who Know, and I'm just loving it. I personally feel that this is my best book yet, but I'll leave that for my readers to decide. I'm also nearly done with the second draft of Apoca-Lynn. I might be ready to show it to my agent by the end of this month. Then I'll move on to The 5 Demons You Meet In Hell.

I'm in good spirits, and doing well.


Wendy said...

It's good to hear that April is unfolding well!

Riely said...

Hey Tim, glad to hear how well everythings going. Just wanted to let you know I read this about two months back:

• The Five People You Meet in Hell• Rich Pablum• (Paperback)• Online Price: $11.95• Member Price: $10.75• ISBN-13: 9780743279611

That's the barnes and noble info, hope yours is better!!

Timothy Carter said...

I hope mine is better too, Riely! At the very least, mine is very different from Mr. Pablum's. I don't think the similarity of our titles, or the fact that we're both making fun of Mitch Albom, will be an issue. Thanks for bringing it to my attention, though.