Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Back To Normal: Part II

Life is returning to a state of normalcy once again. Violet is bravely coping with her loss, and is back at school and working hard. It was her birthday last Friday, and I successfully threw her a surprise party at The Willow, our favourite restaurant. A good crowd of our friends turned up, and made for a very fun evening. It was the first surprise party Violet has ever had, which is pretty neat considering she threw me my first ever surprise party back when we were dating.

My new job has been going well. I'm getting used to the system and making fewer mistakes, and my co-workers are starting to accept me as one of them. The work itself can get pretty dull sometimes, but I'm managing to cope.

Sadly, I have not finished off either of my two major novel projects. It seems I'm not much of a deadline kind of guy. I don't want to set another I-should-be-done-by date, but I think two more weeks should do it.

Karma has taken to waking me in the middle of the night, wanting affection. He climbs up onto my chest, then he turns around and waits for an ear scratching. My reward is that he'll snuggle up with me afterward. I just love the guy.


Wendy said...

It is important that cats reward their people for good behaviour!

Miya said...

That's adorable, Evie does that to my husband, but only during the week when he's away at work because she doesn't see him all day. It's not that she wants attention, she just wants him to be awake and be with her. She's a stinker, but a cute one!