Monday, November 12, 2007

Reduced Hours Begin

So begins day one of my reduced hours at work. Not so bad, actually - I have time to blog, and in a few minutes I'm going to watch The Daily Show. And I got to sleep in an extra hour. All good things, until you factor in that I'm not getting paid for any of this free time.

It's a shame - these new hours could really work out for me, if only the pay was higher. I like having the morning free - that's when I'm most creative. I need a job with this many hours but paying enough to live on. That would be ideal for my situation.



Morgan F. S. said...

Hello, Timothy,

I am beginning to feel a bit guilty for having you hunt down ON A PALE HORSE. So, I've decided to make it easier on you. I have placed an mp3 file containing the salient passage in my web space. The part you need is about half-way into it. Here is the link (I hope HTML works, if not, just copy and paste):

I can't seem to find your email address anywhere, so here is my spam magnet email address:

Then I can give you my other, less attractive to spam address. I'd like to discuss some things with oyu about writing.

I hope that information helps!

PippaW said...

What about trying to work as a teacher in afternoon classes or evening classes for adults wanne-be-writers? Could work for you?