Thursday, April 12, 2007

Sometimes You Have To Spoil Yourself

Yesterday I decided, to heck with pinching pennies due to continuing unemployment, I need to treat myself to a movie. I took off for the biggest screen I could find and watched Grindhouse, the Quinten Tarantino/Robert Rodriguez double bill. Loved it! Gory, cheesy fun.

As a writer (indeed, as a creative person), I think it's good to treat yourself to something fun and stimulating on a regular basis. Julia Cameron calls them artist dates in her book, The Artist's Way, and I believe in them. It's like you need to refill your creative gas tanks in order to keep running. After the movie I finished chapter 2 of my new book, The 25 Demons You Meet In Hell, so I know it worked for me.

And anyway, if you have to be unemployed, you might as well enjoy the free time.


Justine said...

I totally agree, if you are unemployed at least enjoy the good part of it, spare time! Unfortunately eventually you run out of money... That's why we have to go back to work again. Btw, I like the idea of feeding a creative person's head with a little treat. I'll adopt the habit! :-D

Bill Cokas said...

Plus, you never know where you'll find inspiration! Another way to rationalize buying that next book, CD or DVD!

Timothy Carter said...

Exactly! As if we needed excuses, huh?

Zachary Drake said...

Glad to hear you treated yourself. I hope that your unemployment doesn't last much longer than you want it to. (And thanks for stopping by Internal Monologue, I appreciated the visit.)